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Redragon K673 PRO 75% Wireless Gasket RGB Gaming Keyboard, 3-Modes 81 Keys Compact Mechanical Keyboard w/Hot-Swap Socket, Dedicated Knob Control & Sound Absorbing Pads, Linear Red Switch.


  • REDRAGON GASKET OUT - The body structure differs from traditional screw fixing by using precision-locked covers with gaskets to assist with noise reduction and flexibility. It provides even feedback while the vertical cushioning reduces rigid noise, delivering a crisp, clean and softer typing feel.
  • 3-Mode Connection - Geared with Redragon advanced tri-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes which make the user experience upgraded to another level in all fields.
  • ONE-Knob Control - Armed with a convenient easy access control knob, the keyboard backlight brightness and media (volume, play/pause, switch) are all in control with no hassle. Plus functionary with no extra keys or space to waste.
  • Noise Dampening X 2 - Equipped with two 3.5mm sound-absorbing foams located between the PCB, along with the silicone gasket. Significantly reduce the sound resonance between the metals and reduce the cavities noise. Creating a clear and pure switch traveling sound ONLY, no extra string mushy noise.
  • 81 Keys Layout - The innovative design keeps the original 65% layout’s length, which cuts out the numpad for larger mouse moving space. While adding the TOP function keys zone that is critical to many users, no FN combo keys anymore, featuring compact with more convenience and practicality.
  • UPGRADED HOT-SWAP - The brand new upgrade with nearly all switches(3/5 pins) compatible, the free-mod hot-swappable socket is available now. The exclusive next-level socket makes the switch mounting easier and more stable than ever.
  • Pro Software Supported - Expand your options using the available software to design your own new modes and effects found on Redragonshop. Macros with different key bindings or shortcuts for more efficient work and gaming.