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HYTE Y40 S-Tier Aesthetic Panoramic Tempered Glass Computer Case, ATX Mid Tower, Vertical GPU with PCIe Riser Included (CS-HYTE-Y40-B)

par HYTE
Prix d'origine $199.99 - Prix d'origine $199.99
Prix d'origine
$199.99 - $199.99
Prix actuel $199.99


HYTE Y40 Modern Aesthetic Panoramic Tempered Glass, Vertical GPU, ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case with PCI Express 4.0 x 16 Riser Cable Included, Black, CS-HYTE-Y40-B.


  • Y40 delivers upgraded performance, compatibility, and aesthetics with vertical graphics card architecture
  • An included PCIE40 4.0 Luxury Riser Cable supports the latest and greatest graphics cards and its canopy is color-matched with your Y40 color choice.
  • 2x120mm fans are pre-installed: one beneath the power supply shroud and one at the rear.
  • Features a robust cable management strategy with cable management spaces and tie downs behind the motherboard shelf and within the power supply shroud.
  • Y40’s side mount can fit up to a 280mm radiator with a combined thickness of up to 120mm allowing for large 60mm+ radiators to be used for custom loop builds.