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2 in 1, 6-Ways, 12V ARGB and 12V PWM DC Fan Hub with Acrylic Case and Magnetic Standoff for ASUS/MSI 12V 4Pin LED Controller


  • This 4 pin RGB and 4pin PWM hub can extend any 12V addressable RGB products simultaneously, while only taking up one RGB header on your motherboard.
  • This hub is only compatible with 4pin 12V addressable RGB headers or controllers. not connect to 5V 3 pin RGB components, making sure the arrows on connectors and headers line up.
  • PWM 4pin header x6, compatible with 3pin cable (Speed control function is unavailable for 3 pin fans), The red 4pin 90°pin header is only connect CPU fan.
  • Expand 4-pin fan interfaces, solving the problem of lack of motherboard fan interfaces. Designed for 12V 4-Pin 3-Pin fans, support simultaneous starting at most 10 channel fans.
  • In the hub interfaces, the RED CPU interface is the CPU fan dedicated interface (with speed detection function). Since the mainboard can only receive one rotation speed signal, the remaining nine conventional fan interfaces have the PWM function, but no speed signal.